Hammock and Hanging Chair Stands

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Showing all 4 results

Choosing a hammock stand.

Hammocks without a hammock stand can be suspended between to points, but this will need to be possible. An ideal solution is a garden where a hammock can be suspended between two trees or walls. When this option is not available a hammock stand can be a great alternative. At ‘Marañon World of Hammocks‘ you can order a hammock stand based on design, size and price.

Using a hammock stand.

A hammock stand is ideal for in the garden, but less suitable for inside due to its size. When using a hammock stand more movement is possible then having a hammock suspended to a solid tree or wall. If you do use suspension points, you will be able to find all kind of hammock suspension solutions in our category: accessories.

Wooden hammocks stands.

Besides our extensive collection of metal hammock stands we also stock a large range of wooden hammock stands. Our hardwood hammock stands are all FSC certified. For people that do not want to leave their hammock stand outside during winter, we also supply hammock stands that are easy to take apart and store. It is clearly specified with the hammock stands in our collection what size hammocks are suitable for it. For every hammock we can supply a fitting hammock stand.