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Showing all 4 results

Hammocks and Hanging chairs are also very suitable to put a baby in or for children to relax in.

The rocking motion and great support of a hammock or hanging chair makes it possible for the muscles to relax easily. Baby’s love to be cradled and this goes perfectly in an especially for baby’s made hammock or hanging chair from ‘‘Maranon‘. Parent’s with kids can also enjoy relaxing in a hammock together by choosing for an extra big hammock. There are specially for baby’s designed hammocks for optimal safety and comfort.

Baby hammocks.

Baby hammocks are suitable for baby’s that can’t turn themselves yet. This would normally be up to an age of 5 to 6 months. Up until that age baby hammocks are perfectly suitable for your baby to cradle or sleep in. Baby hammocks work perfectly in preventing “flat head syndrome”. The head and the body of the baby is supported at both sides when the baby lies on its back. This way the baby won’t be able to turn on to it’s belly.

Your baby can be places crosswise in the hammock, which will gives the baby a feeling of security and well being. A hammock for baby’s can be suspended at different places inside the home, for example: the play pen, in the bedroom or a hammock stand developed for baby hammocks. The baby hammocks in our range vary in colour and pattern. This makes it possible to choose a baby hammocks that fits the interior of your home. It is of course also possible to buy a Baby hammock stand with your baby hammock. We supply an instruction manual with all our baby hammocks. Makes sure you read the manual for optimal and safe use of the baby hammock.

Hammocks for children.

Young children love to rock and relax in a hammock together with their father and mother. Older children enjoy relaxing in a hammock on their own and like the extra movement by increasing the rocking motion.
In our collection we have a large range of hammocks available, of which some exist of cheerful colourful hammocks for kids.
It is also fantastic for a kid to have a hanging chair in their own room to read a book from, watch TV or play on their gaming console. A hanging chair is a real gain for any childrens room and suitable for kids that are big enough for it. It is possible to suspend a hanging chair to a ceiling beam or under need a loft bed. An other option for children and their parents is to buy a 2 persons hammock. These might be to big to fit in the home, but will do perfectly in the garden. Our smaller sized hammocks can also be perfectly used for smaller kids and the kids that are already a bit bigger can relax in one of our standard sized hammocks. When using a hammock for kids, the age size and weight of the child can be perfectly kept in consideration when choosing one of our hammocks.