Hanging Chairs

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results

Hanging chairs are suitable for everybody

Suits all the family

Hanging chairs are great from young to old and are also ideal to cradle a baby to sleep in. Hammocks replicate the environment of the womb with the natural rocking motion and support and comfort they give babies. Our hammock shop stocks a large range of hanging chairs and the option is available to order a hanging chair stand with your hanging chair.

Suits small spaces

These chairs are a great alternative for smaller spaces, where there is not as much room to hang a larger hammock. Works great for small bedrooms, conservatories, apartments and indoor spaces.

Wide variety of colours

The colour of the cloth of our hanging chairs vary from cheerful colourful stripe patterns to natural mono colours. We stock a large variety of colour options to fit any home or garden. You can be sure you will find your favourite colour hanging chair in our collection! We always strive to stay up to date with our colour palettes and follow the latest interior design trends.

Excellent back support

One of the characteristics of hammock hanging chairs is that they contain tension ropes of different lengths. When getting seated in the hanging chairs the shorter tension ropes makes the back of the hanging chair come up. This will result in optimal sitting comfort and support for the back. The hanging chairs are extremely comfortable to read a book in or just pull your legs into them and snooze for a while.

Lounging chairs

Check out our lazy Lounging chairs, a cross between a hammock and hanging chairs. These chairs have a built in leg extension and give the possibily to fully stretch out in the chair, like a recliner! The leg part can be folded under the chair to use it as a traditional South-American hanging chair. Our Deluxe lounger chairs are made of two layers of cloth. This give the chair extra strength, but will also hold the body heat much better. This makes this chair perfect for a colder climate. The lounger hammock chairs are an original design by Maranon and come with a 3 year warranty against breakage. They are pure luxury and make any home or garden a welcoming place.

Suits all seasons

The hanging chairs in our collection can be used all year round and are suitable for interior and exterior use. For optimal use and enjoyment of the product it is possible to hang the hanging chair inside during winter and back outside when summer starts