Hammock with Stand

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Showing 1–12 of 30 results

On this page you will find our bestselling hammock with stand combinations. It is  also possible to order a hammock and stand separately. For every hammock we have a suitable hammock stand available.

What are the advantages of a hammock with stand?

  • The advantage of getting the set is convenience – the hammock will fit the stand and can be hooked onto it easily for use and unhooked again when not being used.  This eliminates any need for manually installing hooks to a tree or to a stable wall.
  • The stand is easy to set up and adjustable and will be compatible with the hammock it comes with.
  • The sets offer a better deal in terms of price and usually give a significant saving when purchased as a complete set instead of individually.
  • The stand also gives freedom of movement, you are able to position it in your favorite location and easily move it to your favorite spot in the garden, patio or conservatory.
  • Our sets come with a powder-coated stand that is rust-resistant and gives a good degree of protection against the elements.  We recommend taking steel stands indoors when not in use for a longer period of time or storing in a shed or garage.

We select the best hammock with stand sets to suit your needs and our customers love these sets and the convenience they offer.  The stands are matched with a suitable hammock and are simple to set up and adjust.  Enjoy your hammock and make a beautiful addition to your home and garden while enjoying the comfort and quality of Marañon.

Please contact us for any enquiries and expert advice on (042) 6005013.

All our hammock stands come with free shipping for the whole of Ireland.