Hammock Stands and Hanging Chair Stands

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Showing all 10 results

Choosing a hammock stand

A hammock stand can be a great alternative to suspending a hammock between two fixed points.  For suspending a hammock, an ideal solution is a garden where it can be suspended between two trees or walls. When this option is not available, a hammock stand can be a great choice. At Marañon you can order a hammock stand based on design, size and price. With the stand, you have the freedom to position your hammock in a preferred location or the sunniest spot in your garden.

Using a hammock stand

Hammock stands are the most simple way to hang a hammock. Here are some advantages to using a hammock with stand:

  • It is very easy to hook and unhook your hammock onto the stand whenever you like.
  • Stands are mobile – you can move your stand anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors, in the best position of the sun or in a conservatory or sun room.
  • Many stands are light and easy to carry and assemble.
  • Our stands are made with high quality materials and can make a very attractive addition to your back garden.
  • Stands can be adjustable and suited to many hammock types.

A hammock stand is ideal for in the garden, but less suitable for indoor use due to its size. When using a hammock stand, more movement is possible than having a hammock suspended to a solid tree or wall. If you do use suspension points, you will be able to find all kinds of suspension solutions in our category: accessories.

Wooden hammock stands

Besides our extensive collection of metal hammock stands, we also stock a large range of wooden hammock stands. Our hardwood stands are all FSC certified. We offer a selection of larch wood stands. Larch is a wood valued for its tough, durable and waterproof qualities. We use larch wood over pine in our stands as it provides a much superior quality and endures over time.
For people that do not want to leave their hammock stand outside during winter, we also supply stands that are easy to take apart and store. It is clearly specified with the hammock stands in our collection what size hammocks are suitable for them. For every hammock we can supply a fitting hammock stand.

Metal hammock stands

Steel stands

We provide a selection of metal hammock stands including aluminium and steel based. Our steel hammock stands are all powder coated for improved weather resistance. We do advise to store these stands when not in use for prolonged periods. These stands are easy to assemble and disassemble and can therefore be stored in your shed or garage when not in use. Our steel hammock stands are all adjustable in height and length to provide easy fitting for different hammock sizes. The maximum sizes that can fit in the specific stand can be viewed in the product descriptions.

Aluminium Stand Arc

Our beautiful Arc stand is made from anodized aluminium. It is skillfully made and beautifully detailed. The advantage of this aluminium hammock support over a wooden hammock support is that it makes it much easier to assemble and disassemble. There is no chance of deformation caused by heat or moisture. The bolts are stainless steel. This hammock stand is extremely sturdy and yet very graceful. Ideally suited for professional use (hotels, etc.) or for large gardens, terraces, pool or beach. The carrying capacity is 250 kg and the hammock support is suitable for all L (double) and for almost all of our XL hammocks. Aluminium is light, easy to maintain, easy to clean and retains its pristine condition over a long period of time. This stand can be kept outdoors all year round.

Hanging Chair Stands

A hanging chair stand in combination with our hammock chairs provides a great alternative to the larger hammock stands. They are much more compact, easy to keep indoors and are super comfortable. We provide 2 types of stands for the hanging chair. One made of compressed bamboo and one of larch wood. Both are of superior quality and made to last. The bamboo hanging chair is a bit more compact in size, but still fits all large and XL hanging chairs. Our hanging chair stands can be kept outside all year round.