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Showing 1–18 of 32 results

Hammocks have long been associated with exotic countries, where the leaves of the palm trees softly rustle and relaxing is the motto. Experience this in your own home or garden by buying a hammock and totally come to rest whenever you see fit. ‘Marañon World of Hammocks‘ has a huge selection of hammocks available, varying from medium sized hammocks to extra large sized hammocks, where you can relax in together with your partner or kids. All our hammocks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Tips for buying a hammock

Hammocks are ideal to lounge in, but also to comfortably read a book or just to laze out. When buying a hammock it is important to pay attention to the size. Of course there has to be sufficient space in the garden to hang the hammock. It is also possible to suspend your hammock in in your home. When not enough space is available for a standard hammock, a hammock hanging chaircan be a great alternative to chill out in the house.

The hammocks offered by ‘Marañon’ are authentic and are not equipped with a spreading bar. An authentic South American hammock gives better support to your body and has optimal stability. When purchasing a hammock also take into account your own body length. Tall people can buy a wider hammock to guarantee optimal stability and body support. The distinction between our hammocks is made by size, carry weight capacity and of course the colours and designs of the hammocks. With all hammocks in our assortment you will see mentioned specific characteristics like width, length and maximum capacity.

Tips for hanging your hammock

When you have found the right spot to hang your hammock, you can refer to the category accessories to order a complete hammock suspension solution .  It is also possible to order hammock accessories like hooks and ropes in various sizes.

If you do not have any suspension points to hang your hammock a hammock stand can be the ideal solution. We stock a variety of hammock stands in made from different materials colours and sizes. In any case browse freely at your own pace through our website.