Hanging Chair Lounger (XXL) Deluxe Elephant Grey (Weather Resistant)


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An extremely comfortable hanging chair, type long-chair, The capacity of this hanging chair is 200 kg. Our XXL type long-chairs have a 210 cm long cloth. This way a hammock hanging chair is created that is a cross between hanging chair and conventional hammock. Super relaxing and also the ideal hanging chair for a hanging chair stand. These hanging chairs are made out of very durable, thick cotton and consist of 2 layers. This makes them incredibly strong. The wooden spreader is made out of a 110 cm wide solid piece of FSC hardwood. Comes supplied with 2 matching cushions.

Length: 220 cm Width: 140 cm
Width spreader : 110 cm
Max. capacity: 200 kg
Min. hanging height: 225 cm
Material: 100% Polypropylene and FSC hardwood spreader
Warranty: 3 years
Colour: Elephant Grey

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Weight 8 kg

XXL (Lounger)



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